Customer Reviews About Udder Delight

I absolutely love your lotion! It helped stop my sunburn from itching that I got while in NM. Thanks!”

Thanks for your quick response regarding the hazelnut lotion and soap. I will be ordering it soon for sure. I absolutely LOVE Udder Delight handcrafted natural skin care products. Its the best out there on the Web. I am so glad I found you !!! You are on my favorites list on my computer. Take care and thank you again for everyone working at Udder Delight. A happy and repeat customer!!!!! P.S. You also have an udderly delighful day also!!”

Hello I absolutely love your products! The neem Shampoo soap has truly been a life saver to my scalp that has eczema. If possible I would love to have sample lotions of the coconut lemongrass and peaches and cream. And I don't know if you do this but I'd like to see what the apple-cinnamon-peach soap smells like. Those are three of my favorite smells put together so I can't imagine what this soap is going to smell like! Thanks again and once again your products are wonderful!”

Thank you so very much for your fast response. My husband and I try to find products made by small independent companies and support them instead of huge conglomerates. I have the very painful "cracked fingers" during the winter and use of the "Goat Milk Unscented Soap" and "Udder Delight Lotion" has helped keep the outbreaks to a minimum for the first time in years of trying almost any and everything people suggested to us. Your individual attention to detail once again proves our theory that it is worth our effort. Thank you,”

I brought my son in this past Saturday. He is allergic to the sun, gets frequent rashes and has eczema big open patches. I should say had. After 5 application of the Rescue Cream, his skin is healing and his open patches are almost closed. He ALWAYS complained of burning and being uncomfortable after applying lotion to his skin. Also, he hated the greasy feeling from the other lotions. With your Rescue Cream, he actually thanks me because he instantly feels better and soaks right in. THANK YOU SO MUCH”

My daughter started using the Neem soap for dry patches on her hands and feet and was very happy with the results. Even with this information I had no idea what it would do for me until one day I started using it regularly. I have suffered from shingles for the last 7 years and I can tell you that I have not had an outbreak since I started using the Neem soap. My skin feels so much better, so calm now. It has reduced some of my scars, the raised spots on my body from mole removals are now shrinking and don't itch and irritate near the way they used to. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product available it has been a true blessing for me.”

I just love you people. You are so thoughtful and kind! It's been a beautiful rainy day here in Tucson, AZ! Thanks for being considerate...great customer service! Thanks.”

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products!! My mother-in-law purchased your Footsies cream as well as the Baby Bum salve for me while she was visiting your store in Arizona and I have fallen in love with the cream!! I wish I would have known about the Footsies cream while I was pregnant last summer and had swollen feet, as I think this cream would have felt wonderful & been a huge relief:- I just ordered the Footsies cream among other products for a friend who is currently pregnant and know she will love it as much as I do!! I like the Baby Bum salve as well my little one does too!! I appreciate your commitment to natural ingredients in your products, which provides a peace of mind using lotions around my little one!! Keep up the great work...companies like you are invaluable!! Thank you!!”

I use the coconut lemongrass lotion daily and love it!.”

I LOVE your products. I live in Arizona and my mom gave me some soap that she purchased in Silver City, NM, where she lives. I liked the soap. I recently tired the footsies cream that I purchased in Cave Creek, AZ. I have really dry feet and have tried EVERYTHING, nothing seemed to work. I have been using footsies for 4 days now and LOVE IT!!!!! I am so glad I can find these products in Cave Creek. Thank you!! ”